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Wicked Idiots

I used the phrase a few months back when Ron Paul supporters jeered Giuliani on the Mackinac ferry, asking him what he did with the gold that was in the World Trade towers, before the U.S. government destroyed them. That is both wicked and idiotic.

Since then, the Paul campaign raised millions of dollars on Guy Fawkes’ Day, possibly inspired by the Catholic fanatic who tried to blow up the king and Parliament, most likely inspired by V for Vendetta, the 2005 movie that imagines an imminent Anglo-fascist state which can only be resisted by terrorism. Artists may give us dystopias, but to lug them into the real world in this fashion is both wicked and idiotic.

The first episode featured truthers, the second appealed to hell-with-it libertarians (in the Seventies, they dropped acid and read the Illuminatus trilogy; thirty years have not improved them). Both have flocked to the Paul campaign like flies to waste.


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