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Wild Moyers Metaphors

In his latest interview (promoted as “erudite”) on the Bush-hate site

PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers goes a little unhinged in reading violent metaphors into the tense relationship between press and president:

“I think these [liberal bias-busting] forces have unbalanced the relationship between this White House and the press. Frankly, even if we had tried it in LBJ’s time, we wouldn’t have gotten away with the kind of press conference President Bush conducted on the eve of the invasion of Iraq — the one that even the President admitted was wholly scripted, with reporters raising their hands and posing so as to appear spontaneous. Matt Taibbi wrote in The New York Press at the time that it was like a mini-Alamo for American journalism. I’d say it was more a collective Jonestown-like suicide. At least the defenders of the Alamo put up a fight.”

To see how loopy the Moyers take on the March 6 press conference is, see this.

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