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Will Being Annoyed Hurt?


“I was disappointed with the president tonight, but, like you, I know from past experience that no matter how badly I think the president flubbed, the public perception is one of sincerity and strength.

One Democratic spin that I don’t think will work is the `Al Gore’ attack. The annoying aspect of Gore’s sighs and expressions of exasperation was that they seemed so incongruous with his tree-like personality…almost as if he had spent time in front of the mirror practicing his “irritated loook” thinking that it might make him appear to be the alpha male he so wanted to be.

But Bush last night, on the other hand, seemed genuinly annoyed, as if he didn’t give a hoot whether there were cameras on him or not he was downright perturbed. In that sense his irritation, I think, will be percieved as Millerish (as in Zell) rather than Gorish (as in Al).”

ME: Could be. I wish Bush had hid his annoyance better, though. I think both these guys have a certain level of contempt for one another. The trick is to hide it. Bush could have done a better job of it last night…


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