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Will: Congressional Republicans Seem Not to Understand Separation of Powers

On Fox News Sunday, columnist George Will had harsh words for Republicans’ handling of the question of Department of Homeland Security funding.

“When the Republicans took control of the Senate,” said Will, “their fundamental promise was adult supervision, that under Harry Reid, the Senate had been essentially removed from the constitutional process; people just didn’t vote on things. Now this comes along.”

“The question is,” Will continued, “who will be blamed? Will the Republicans be? A) Yes, they’re always blamed. But, B), in this case, they deserve to be blamed, in this sense: The president understands the separation of powers, he just doesn’t like it and rejects it. The Republicans don’t seem to understand it.”

Will explained: “The House keeps sending to the Senate a bill it knows cannot be passed by the Senate. And when Mr. Boehner said to you, ‘The House has to do its work,’ that’s not its work — to send this futile gesture that make the Republican base feel good [because] ‘well, we can’t explain to the Republican base how the system works.’ Well, they better learn how to explain that. That’s called leadership.”


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