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Will Every Police Shooting Be Followed by Violence and Looting?

If you’re Hillary Clinton, you have to figure a racially incendiary riot is not helpful to your campaign right now. The worse the state of the country gets, the more people will be open to rolling the dice on Donald Trump. And a racially incendiary riot is particularly unhelpful if it occurs in North Carolina, one of the three or four most important swing states in this election. 

Sixteen police officers were injured overnight in a series of clashes, and there were reports early Wednesday of motorists on Interstate 85 being hurt and their vehicles damaged when protesters threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones off interstate overpasses onto traffic below.

The destruction late Tuesday and early Wednesday included blocking all lanes of Interstate 85 and looting a Walmart on North Tryon Street at about 3:30 a.m. The store was closed early Wednesday, with wooden pallets piled in front of the doors and shopping carts blocking the driveway into the lot.

Three or more tractor trailer trucks were stopped and looted on Interstate 85, and at least two fires were started on the interstate, as the protesters burned items removed from the trucks.

If you’re throwing rocks off an interstate overpass onto traffic, you’re not protesting anything. You’re just trying to hurt people. This is exactly the sort of environment that makes people who might otherwise reject Trump to offer a sympathetic ear to his “law and order” message. 


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