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Will Hollywood Tire of Social Justice Warriors?

Stupid controversy number one: Some people are offended by this trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2:

The alleged problem, you see, is “whitewashing” — casting a white actor in a role that should go to a person of color. But I’m confused, where is it written that Chinese soldiers wouldn’t welcome the help of a European mercenary when confronting vicious monsters who threaten to destroy the world? Brave Chinese locking arms with brave Europeans to save the world? Sounds diverse to me.

I wonder how long even liberal Hollywood will tolerate the constant scrutiny on their acting, directing, and editing choices. How long will they lurch from stupid controversy to stupid controversy, patiently explaining their liberal bona fides before they decide it’s not worth it? In social justice Hollywood, the art is secondary to the rules, and the rules change without notice according to the latest radical fashion. This mindset is commercially damaging, artistically dreary, and ultimately deadly dull. If Matt Damon is calling social justice tantrums ”clickbait,” then they’ve already started to lose. 



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