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Will Hutton, Again

Meanwhile, ‘journalist’ Will Hutton, a man (presumably – I’d love to be proved wrong on this) paid by the EU Commission for his role as a member of its new group of supposedly expert advisers on economic growth, is calling for the EU constitution’s advocates to be ‘ruthless’, by which he means supporting the removal of Tony Blair. The implication is that they have not been so before. What rubbish. By their dishonesty, media manipulation and constant end-runs around the democratic process, Europe’s federalists have repeatedly shown that they need take no lessons in ruthlessness from anyone. For an example of this, check out Hutton’s demonization of those British newspapers that dare to criticize the Brussels project. These are the big, bad bogeymen that Hutton blames for turning the presumably child-like intellects of British voters against the glories of crooked Giscard’s crooked constitution. In reality, the media debate is fairly evenly matched. Some papers are pro-federalist, others not, and Britain’s most influential source of news, the BBC, slavishly follows Brussels’ agenda. The opposition of most Brits to the constitution should instead be put down to something else.



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