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Will Kudlow See His Shadow?

Listen tomorrow to the special Groundhog Day edition of Radio Free Kudlow and see if America’s favorite economist sees his shadow and predicts six more months of a shrinking economy! Listen to Larry and his gang — including NR’s own Robert Costa, James Pethokoukis, Steve Moore, Geraldo Rivera, Michael Darda, John Tamny, Grace-Marie Turner, Brian Kelly, Mike Ozanian, and John McIntyre — as they discuss the mediocre jobs report, how the small GDP drop hides private economic strength, whether the spending sequester will strengthen the private economy, the Fed’s money-pumping, Dow 14,000, Ed Koch’s passing away, a possible Geraldo Rivera Senate run in N.J., how much unions now hate Obamacare, and much more. The Larry Kudlow Show airs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Eastern time) every Saturday, and you can listen on your local radio station, or via the web, right here.


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