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Will Murkowski Pull a Crist?

That’s what a “source within the Murkowski campaign” is telling Daily Beast:

. . . [I]n an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, a source within the Murkowski campaign says they know of one possible legal option to pursue a third-party run. If Murkowski is not victorious when the absentee ballots are counted and decides to wage an Independent party bid, they might consider using this option, which the source wouldn’t describe, but did confirm they were seriously looking at.

“We are going to take a look at them and see whether the option is there or not, but it’s a decision she (Murkowski) has to make,” the Murkowski camp source said. “There is an option I know of.”

Neither of the obvious options looks good: Murkowski could either run a write-in campaign, which despite her general popularity in Alaska would be an uphill battle, or she could run on the Alaska Independence Party ballot. It has been done before, but the problem with the AIP is in the name: it’s a secessionist party.


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