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Will Rahm’s Exit Save Holder?

Some intriguing hot-mike comments from former White House counsel Greg Craig on the strained relationships between himself and Attorney General Eric Holder, and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel — especially re: detainee policy. Craig said that his head-butting with Emanuel contributed to his departure from the White House, while a former deputy calls the fact Holder looks likely to outlast Emanuel “a miracle.”

According to the National Law Journal, a recording of a speech Craig gave at Columbia Law School last Tuesday included pre-speech banter between Craig and a former counsel’s office deputy who teaches at the school, Trevor Morrison. In the exchange, Craig suggests great tension between Emanuel and Holder, apparently over the handling of terrorism-related issues.

“The great thing about it, if Rahm goes to run for mayor, is that Eric survived,” Craig said, according to the report.

“It’s like a miracle,” Morrison said. “They were after him,” Craig replied.

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In the public portion of his remarks, Craig also conceded that  he left the White House last year in part because of his own poor relationship with Emanuel.

“One of the reasons was that I did not get along with the chief of staff well,” Craig said, “and I think that the coordination between the White House counsel and the chief of staff is vital to the success of the working of the White House.”


Via Politico.


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