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Will: Romney Would Be ‘Backward’ Choice for 2016 GOP

“It’s very hard to produce unanimity in American politics, particularly among fractious Republicans,” says columnist George Will, “but Mitt Romney this week did so. So far as I can tell, there is no one expressing the desire, the pent-up desire, for another Romney campaign.” The Fox News Sunday panelist explained why the GOP should not turn to its 2012 nominee for the upcoming presidential cycle.

Is the field weak? He [Romney] doesn’t have that excuse. This is probably the strongest, most diverse republican field since 1856, when there first was a Republican field.

Is the party weak? They control 31 governors — seven of the ten largest states have Republican governors; they control both legislative chambers and the governorship in 23 states, 251 electoral votes. The Republican party is geared up for a very strong showing in 2016, and they do not need to look backward.


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