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Will: Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul Are Both Right on Cuba

Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul publicly sparred this week over the United States’ policy shift toward Cuba, and George Will says they are both correct.

“Marco Rubio is right that the president should have struck a better bargain to help the breathtakingly heroic democratic movement in Cuba, on the other hand he’s wrong to say this confers legitimacy,” Will said on Fox News Sunday. “Rand Paul is right that some kind of exposure of Cuba to the culture of America by both our popular culture and the culture of commerce is apt to be a solvent to the regime. However, Rand Paul does not seem to be—as many of us now are—sadder but wiser about the liberalizing effects of trade because we’ve tried this with China, we’ve tried this with Vietnam, and both have shown the compatibility of an open economy and a closed political system.”  

Rubio and Paul’s disagreements on foreign policy will likely reemerge as the 2016 presidential primary season approaches. 



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