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Will SNL Make Fun of the Nobel?

I certainly hope so. It seems awfully ripe for mockery. Meanwhile, my column today is on the CNN effort to fact check Saturday Night Live.

‘After reviewing hundreds of hours of ‘Shark Week’ footage and consulting with leading ichthyologists, CBS News can now confirm that the so-called ‘Land Shark’ made famous on Saturday Night Live is a hoax,” Katie Couric assured viewers. Meanwhile, over on MSNBC, the crack news team continued its in-depth exposé on SNL’s faked assassination of the Little Rascals’s Buckwheat. Sleuths working for the New York Times revealed that not only was John Belushi not an Olympic decathlete, but his touted regimen of cigarettes and “little chocolate donuts” was, according to experts in sports medicine, “not even remotely nutritious.”

Meanwhile, a report by 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft that the physics of SpongeBob SquarePants “make no sense at all” has left elementary schools and day-care centers dealing with a huge spike in “acting out” by devastated viewers.

These are just highlights from the fact-checking frenzy overtaking the news media in the wake of CNN’s report on October 5 that a parody mocking Pres. Barack Obama wasn’t entirely accurate.

Okay, okay. I’m just having fun at CNN’s expense, as were a lot of people this week, because the network really did take it upon itself to defend Obama from “allegations” leveled in a Saturday Night Live skit.


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