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Will Ted Kennedy Apologize to Hans von Spakovsky?

Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on voter ID will hopefully put an end to the argument that it is overly burdensome to require a voter to identify himself before voting.  (Of course, it probably won’t; Hillary Clinton, among others, has long pushed a bill, the Count Every Vote Act, that would allow anyone to show up at a polling place on Election Day and register to vote, and vote, with no ID, no proof of residency, no proof of citizenship, no nothing.)  

But one thing the Supreme Court decision surely does is blow the Democrats’ case against Hans von Spakovsky out of the water.  Senate Democrats have been blocking von Spakovsky’s permanent apppointment to the FEC on the grounds that, while in the Justice Department, he argued that states should be allowed to require voters to identify themselves when they show up at the polls.  That was an outrage to Senate Democrats, but it now has rather strong Supreme Court approval.  Read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jim Wooten on the issue.


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