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Will You Have the Guts . . . to Enjoy This Iconic Poster?

He was a brash editor of a conservative fortnightly who took the political world by storm by running for Mayor of New York City in a campaign that riveted the nation and revived and inspired a despairing conservative movement.

Whether you were alive at the time or not, aware or not, Bill Buckley’s 1965 effort was historic, from its nerve and moxie to its wit (“Demand a recount!”) and consequence (a year later, Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California).

We’re celebrating the big 50th in a number of ways, one being by reproducing this classic Buckley Campaign poster.

It’s just . . .  beautiful. Classic. Suitable for framing, printed on top-quality paper, capturing the founder of the modern conservative movement in his youthful vibrancy (serious and ready to pounce on the latest inanity of John V. Lindsay!), it’s the perfect thing to adorn the wall of any conservative’s library, and will make a terrific gift for the Buckley fan or maybe even for that old-timer relative who has regaled you for years about the thrill of volunteering for Bill way back when.

The cost is only $19.65, delivered safe and sound and on our nickel. Get your copy now (we’re at the printer with the project now, so they’ll be shipped within 2 weeks) at the NRO Store.

This is a limited edition project. We are a magazine and website after all, and becoming a poster-seller isn’t in the business plan. But we figured – we can manage 500. We also figure – they’ll be gone before you can say “Don’t immanentize the eschaton!”


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