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Willing Dupes

A reader sent this in response to that Politico story Jonah linked to about the daily left-wing conference call to coordinate talking points:

Maybe I’m missing something, but if CAP [Center for American Progress] and the others on the daily calls are so upfront about what they’re doing–manipulating the media–wouldn’t you think that the media would stop playing along?

[Me: HA HA HA HA!]

I think they are seriously over-reaching.  This whole thing reminds me of the GOP’s efforts to cleanse K Street of Dems, which blew up in their faces in short order.  Recognizing that Dems play these games much more effectively than Republicans, it still seems that telling the media, “Yes, we’re manipulating you so that we can dodge the actual issue debates and just sling mud at anyone who disagrees with us,” is a little over the top.

So over the top, it sends tingle up the media’s leg.


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