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Will’s Take: Amid Ebola Scare, Americans Want And Need to Trust Government, But Can’t

The sudden appearance of Ebola within American borders “is an episode when people want to trust the government, when people need to trust the government — and, after the last twelve months, they can’t,” says columnist George Will.

“What was happening exactly 12 months ago?” he asked on Special Report. “A government shutdown and the disastrous rollout of Since then we have had intelligence failures regarding ISIS; we have had the debacle of the veterans handling of healthcare; and the Secret Service that couldn’t lock the front door of the White House. So people think this is a gang that can’t shoot straight.”

Will added that news of Ebola comes “in the context of the immigration debate . . . where Americans have been pursuing for years the chimera, in my judgment, of a complete border that isn’t at all porous, at all, to anyone. Well, we’ll never get there. And we will never there, also, to hermetically seal this country off from viruses.”

That leaves only difficult options as the country moves forward, said Will.

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