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Will’s Take: ‘Distrust Permeates Everything’

“Distrust permeates everything,” says columnist George Will.

“The president keeps saying, ‘Trust us.’ It’s a little late in the game for that. The president who is saying, ‘Trust us,’ is the one who said an Internet video caused the Benghazi attack. The president says, ‘Trust us, there’s not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.’ And it’s the president who has said, ‘If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it, period.’ It gets late in the game to try and hermetically seal one portion of the government that people are going to trust.”

Will also noted the “pattern” of lateness that characterizes the administration: “First, the president denies something, and then there’s a very late and inadequate response. The Islamic State is the JV, and then suddenly it’s a menace that we have to destroy. The employer mandate? Fine, it’ll go into effect. Whoops, can’t go into effect, and so they delay that. Now they have the president, having a few weeks ago saying there will be no ‘outbreak’ of Ebola in our country. The White House says there will be no ‘widespreadoutbreak.”

Finally, Will noted “another minuet that’s very familiar in Washington going on: Whenever a federal agency has difficulty performing its function, it says that is the reason why it should be rewarded with more money.” Will cited, in addition to the CDC, which complained last week about insufficient funding, the IRS and the Secret Service.

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