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Will’s Take: Iran Will Go Nuclear


Based on the interim deal reached early Sunday morning between Iran, the United States, and five other world powers, Iran will go nuclear, according to George Will. The Washington Post columnist argued that we can draw two other conclusions from the agreement, in which Iran agreed to dilute its existing stockpile of uranium and not to install new centrifuges or build new enrichment facilities in exchange for a loosening of the sanctions regime.

First, according to Will, the United States will not attack Iran, and second, the United States will shift to a policy of containment of the Iranian regime despite President Obama’s avowals to the contrary. “I think that will be our policy, containing them, because they’re going to get the bomb,” he said. That leaves two open questions, in Will’s view: What will Israel do now? And will the deal spark an arms race in the Middle East as the Saudis seek to develop a nuclear arsenal?

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