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Will’s Take: Obama ‘Has Gone Out of His Way to Be Overexposed’

Tonight on Special Report, George Will called David Remnick’s article in The New Yorker about President Obama “interestingly uninteresting.”

“The problem is the president is an open book who has been reading himself to us relentlessly for almost seven years now,” Will said. “This president has gone out of his way to be overexposed.”

From what tea is served on Air Force One to the fact that Obama has a lot of hip-hop on his iPod, the article tried too hard to relate to Americans something new about an already-celebrity president, the columnist said.

Will also chided Obama for his frustration with American politics, paraphrasing the piece: “The really interesting part, and this is fun: [Obama told Remnick,] ’You know, there’s really no appetite in this country for tax-and-transfer strategies, for command-and-control, top-down programs’ — like the Affordable Care Act.”

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