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Will’s Take: ‘The Real Threat of Deportation is Negligible’

On Friday’s Special Report, George Will questioned whether any executive action President Obama may plan to take on immigration would actually change the operating procedure of federal officials. “Well, again, what difference does this make?” Will said. “[O]f the 11.5 million [illegal immigrants residing in the U.S.], only 200,000 were removed from the interior. That’s two percent of those who are here illegally. So the real threat of deportation is negligible for almost everyone here.” Will went on to explain that he did not think immigration would be much of a factor in the midterm elections, rating immigration a two on a scale of one to ten where ten is the greatest amount it could matter. Will added that immigration may be a more important political issue in Colorado this November. Will’s fellow panelist Charles Lane of The Washington Post rated immigration a five or a six on the ten-point scale, and Charles Krauthammer agreed calling it a 5.5. 

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