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Will’s Words of Wisdom on Weiner: ‘This Is What New York Liberalism Coughs Up?’

In the panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, George Will took a jab at media coverage of Democrats’ sex scandals.

“I will not dwell on the fact, although it is a fact, that if these two men, Filner in San Diego and Wiener here, were Republicans, this would be part of a lot of somber sociology in the media about the Republican War on Women,” he said. “I will skip that.”

It wasn’t a great week for either of those two; San Diego mayor Bob Filner announced he’s going into intensive therapy for two weeks (seven women have accused him of sexual harassment). And Weiner, of course, admitted that his sexting continued after he resigned from Congress.

“What explains this man, Peggy, is an animal neediness for public gratification,” Will said, addressing Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. “There are people like this: He got out of college, went to work on the congressional staff, became the youngest member ever of the New York City Countil, ran for the House — he can’t live without this.”

Then Will discussed how New York was “the incubator of the heroic period of American liberalism.” But now — this? Here’s Will’s take:


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