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Wilson On Cnn This Am

From the transcript:

Bill Hemmer: The question: Did Iraq seek uranium in Niger at any point?

Wilson: The article that I wrote was based upon a briefing, based upon documents that purported to be a memorandum of agreement covering the sale of uranium from Niger to Iraq. I went out there. I came back. I concluded that such a transaction was highly unlikely as I wrote in my article.

Now, let me just suggest, with respect to the British report, on October 2nd of 2002, the deputy director of Central Intelligence told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that one place where he believed the British stretched beyond where we would stretch is on the points where Iraq was seeking uranium from African locations.

On October 6th, the director of Central Intelligence called the deputy national security advisor and told him the president should not be a fact witness on the issue related to Iraq attempting to purchase uranium from Africa because the reporting was weak.

That was confirmed in a fax the same day to the National Security Council, which also added, this is one of the two issues where we differ with the British.

All this was in 2002, three months before the State of the Union address.

Sigh. Again, Wilson’s misdirecting. Nobody said a “transaction” took place. Wilson, on the other hand, claimed to have “debunked” the claim that Iraq was seeking uranium.

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