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A Win for Iran, a Loss for MSNBC?

A number of readers have made similar points:

It is a Good Friday gift. The Iranian president said he is pardoning them on

the occassion of Muhammed’s birthday and “the passing of Christ”. He’s more

atuned to the Church’s liturgical calendar than MSNBC, which interprets his

words to mean it’s an Easter gift.

And I think he did a bang-up job of sticking it to the West. From AP: “He

also criticized Britain for deploying Turney in the Gulf, pointing out that

she is a woman with a child. ‘How can you justify seeing a mother away from

her home, her children? Why don’t they respect family values in the West?’

he asked of the British government.

And yes, this strikes me as such a p.r. win for Iran.  You know, the country that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map and isn’t a big fan of us either.

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