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A Win — Small, but Nice

It’s so nice to be able to report a speck of good news, a speck of justice — and from, of all places, Ann Arbor, Mich., my dear old lefty hometown:

The University of Michigan has settled a lawsuit brought by a student libertarian club after the university spent thousands supporting leftist campus groups while denying funding to campus conservative and libertarian clubs.

The university agreed to pay the U-M Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) a sum of $5,000 plus attorney fees for denying the student group funding toward an event hosted by anti-affirmative action activist Jennifer Gratz.

To read the rest, go here. I joke a lot about Ann Arbor, and slam it, but it is really quite beautiful, as I confirmed on a recent visit home. Far spiffier than when I was growing up. And now it’s a speck more just, what with that 5 grand plus attorney fees.


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