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Have you noticed that, when Romney wins, he can’t quite win? I mean, his victories are spun as losses, or not-good-enough wins.

He wins New Hampshire, and everyone says, “Own backyard. Neighboring state. Spent a lot.” He wins Florida, and they say, “Spent a lot. Was mean to Newt.” Wins Nevada, and they say, “Lotsa Mormons.” Wins Michigan, and they say, “Home state, whaddya want? Should’ve won by more.” Wins Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, they say, “No big deal. Doesn’t really count.” Wins Ohio, and they say, “Squeaker!”

A reader of ours writes, “When Newt won South Carolina, why did no one say it was ‘in his own backyard’? When Rick was campaigning in Ohio, why did no one point out it was a ‘neighboring state’ of Pennsylvania? Why is Romney’s wipeout win in Massachusetts less impressive than Newt’s plurality win in Georgia?”


I have a feeling that, if Romney’s the nominee, and he beats Obama on Election Day, many in the Right blogosphere will find a way to grouse about it. Me, I’ll be dancin’ and singin’ like those Munchkins in the movie.

P.S. In golf, we have an expression: “It’s not how, it’s how many [strokes].”

P.P.S. Does quoting a golf expression make you an urchin-eating plutocrat? (Romney, to his discredit, has been knocking Obama for his golf penchant.) (Obama’s golf penchant is the best thing I know about him.)

P.P.P.S. Is saying “Munchkins” hate speech?


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