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A new feature of our cultural battle in the last few years has been an increasingly open war between atheists and believers. For the most part, the atheists are the aggressors here. Agree or disagree with what he has to say, Christopher Hitchens is probably the most effective of the lot. That’s because Hitchens wraps his arguments in slashingly entertaining rhetoric. There have been some very thoughtful and earnest answers to Hitchens and company, but not until now has there been a blast from the believers so hilariously entertaining as Mary Eberstadt’s “Loser Letters” series here on NRO. I was lucky enough to read the original manuscript, and notice that Eberstadt has jazzed up and made even more entertaining this remarkable defense of belief. Here’s the latest letter. It’s fun, and you can easily go back and check the first couple letters as well, and follow the series as it comes out on NRO. The “Loser Letters” are penned by a supposed “convert” to atheism, who writes to atheist authors with advice from an ex-believer on how best to attack religion. Of course, with friends like this, atheists don’t need enemies. But you may have a need to read Mary Eberstadt’s “Loser Letters.”


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Cracked, &c.

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