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If, as Mark Steyn says, “Any shrill vicious ad hominem invective would be much better directed at each other. The Republicans lost this election,” then I am not sure why the congratulations to the Obama campaign.  I remember reading all of Mark S.’s posts about fraudulent fundraising, ACORN, etc.  That hasn’t changed with the Obama victory, has it?  And I think derangement is always a good thing to avoid, but not to be confused with effective opposition.  It will be difficult to voice legitimate criticism of Obama and his policies if the response of his campaign and surrogates these last many months — some vicious and some perfectly fine — is any indication.  I agree with Mark when he underscores the battle ahead.  It is very serious. 


As for the Republicans, it could be argued that John McCain’s nomination, given birth in Mark’s New Hampshire, had more to do with independents and Democrats.  Not until after Florida was he able to garner significant Republican numbers, with some exceptions.  But the party suffers from much neglect and misdirection.  And the nominee is a good man, a great man in many ways, but a flawed candidate.  And we conservatives do need to work things out, and we will.  In fact, we must.  We face a juggernaut.     

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