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Winter Reading

A new year is upon us, and with it the new Winter 2021 issue of National Affairs. Among the essays in this issue:

  • Casey Burgat and Matt Glassman on our politics after Trump
  • Richard Reinsch on why the republic is stronger than it looks
  • Jeremy Rozansky on precedent in the new Court
  • Michael McShane on home-schooling hybrids
  • Kay Hymowitz on the cultural contradictions of American education
  • Korok Ray on innovation and higher education
  • Howard Husock on the value of housing diversity
  • Martha Bayles on the Voice of America
  • Erika Bachiochi on real women’s equality
  • Ronald Dworkin on the helping professions
  • Jonathan Rauch on the value of professionalism
  • Elizabeth Corey on the dangers of “cultural humility”
  • Algis Valiunas on what American history used to be

All assured to help you wrestle with the quandaries of a complicated time. And here is where you can subscribe to also get the magazine in print.

Happy reading.

Yuval Levin is the director of social, cultural, and constitutional studies at the American Enterprise Institute and the editor of National Affairs.


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