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Winter Scenes

On my way to the office, I saw many cars struggling on the snow and ice. (This is Manhattan.) There was one cab with bare tires, and those tires were turned sharply. And the driver was gunning it. I couldn’t tell where he was from, but it was someplace hot. I went to his window. Hesitantly, he rolled it down. I said, “I’m from a cold-weather state. Do you mind if I give you some advice?” He smiled. I said, “Keep your wheels straight and press the accelerator lightly. I’ll give you a little push.” No problem.

Continuing on my way, I was soon in front of U.N. headquarters. A lone woman, all bundled up, was screaming at the building. In broken English, she screamed, “Chinese government is evil. Chinese Communist Party is evil.” Yes, ma’am, I know. The woman was shaking with rage and righteousness (not cold). I can only imagine what the CCP has done to her, her family, or her friends. And here she was in a free land, screaming the truth, as snow flew in her face.

I thought, “I admire that woman more than I do all the Far East Studies programs and U.S.-China business councils combined.”

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