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“Winter Wonderland”

After all the weather forecasters misjudged the timing on these two snow storms hitting the Northeast (the Friday commute was only supposed to be a bit wet), I thought I’d be smart (making up for some other mistakes: like the stupid shoes I chose to wear) and beat rush hour home from the NR World Headquarters yesterday. HA! Took six hours to make it not 20 miles, with the speediest pickups and SUVs doing about 15. I was actually headed to a full day in D.C. today, but in the wee hours when I would have been leaving, it was clear I was cornered in my unplowed roads. Now heavy accumulation is starting again and it’s been hours since I heard one of hour trusty local buses pass buy. Readers who live way more to the north will probably laugh at MidAtlantic wimpyness when it comes to snow, but, well, I’d move to your parts if I wanted a foot or two on Dec. 6–it’s not even winter! And anyone in a warm climate who, at this time of year especially, covets his brother’s white Christmastime, just think of the shoveling, plowing, blowouts, frigid temps, windgusts, ice, and overall mess. Don’t let the pretty pictures of Central Park and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center they show on cable news today deceive you.

One non-Grinch comment from me though: Kids do love it. Their giddy laugh goes go a long way toward making up for the high yuck factor.


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