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Wisconsin Delegate Scoreboard: Cruz 36, Trump 6

Ted Cruz on Tuesday scored a resounding, double-digit victory over Donald Trump in Wisconsin. But the GOP front-runner did manage to win a handful of delegates, despite losing the state by nearly 150,000 votes.

Barring any unforeseen developments, Trump will be awarded a total of six delegates for winning two of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts. (Each district awards three delegates to the winner.) As expected, Trump prevailed in Wisconsin-7 and Wisconsin-3, a pair of vast rural districts far from the state’s population centers in the southeast.

Cruz won the remaining six congressional districts, good for 18 delegates. He also won Wisconsin’s 18 at-large delegates for carrying the statewide vote, bringing his total haul to 36. 

The statewide tally, with 99 percent of precincts reporting: Cruz 48 percent (518,566 votes) and Trump 35 percent (375,939 votes).

Tuesday’s most surprising performance belonged to John Kasich. The Ohio governor, despite his limited resources and lack of sustained attention to the state, was nevertheless thought — by the Cruz campaign, and by officials and insiders on the ground – to be a threat in Milwaukee’s affluent, college-educated, white-collar suburbs. But Kasich severely underperformed in the critical “WOW” counties of Washington, Ozaukee and Waukesha. With all the votes counted, Kasich won a paltry 12 percent, 17 percent and 15 percent in those counties, respectively. (Kasich won 150,753 votes statewide, roughly the margin by which Cruz topped Trump.)

With Trump limited to just six delegates Tuesday, his margin for error in reaching the “magic number” of 1,237 delegates is now diminished, even as the primary race heads into what should be friendlier terrain in his native New York (on April 19) and a bloc of northeastern states (on April 26).

Trump now needs to win roughly 60 percent of all remaining delegates to hit 1,237 on June 7, the final day of primary voting. For a more detailed look at the delegate math ahead, check out Monday’s story on NRO.


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