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Wishing For Mogadishus: Resignation, Please?

As Matthew Continetti reported on NRO today, one Professor Nicholas De Genova of Columbia University (speaking at a “teach-in”) wished that “a million Mogadishus” would be visited on U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq.

A stunning and disgraceful statement. I called Columbia’s Public Affairs office, and they faxed this lame statement: “Assistant Professor Nicholas De Genova was speaking as an individual at a teach-in. He was exercising his right to free speech. His statement does not in any way represent the views of Columbia University.” N.Y. senators Clinton and Schumer did not return calls.

De Genova should be asked to resign and to apologize. Furthermore, Columbia should condemn his statement. If a professor had called for “a million Matthew Shepards” on the gay community, would Columbia sit quiet, as they are now?Alumni: Get to work: It looks like Columbia won’t without your pressure.


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