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Witchy in The Corner?

A number of readers think I needed air conditioning when I wrote that “not Bush’s finest hour” post. Here’s one: “Wow! K Lo… Seems like you are feeling a bit testy tonight, eh? Must be the blackout affected you adversely. Take a deep breath. It really isn’t all the Prez’s fault.”

Goodness, I certainly didn’t say the blackout was his fault (has Howard Dean, though?). But the public face of the White House did leave something to be desired last night. Among other things, as Robert suggested in the wee hours, people are going to be asking security questions for a long time about this (both legitimately and non), and at the very least the guy who is supposed to make sure the president’s lighting (he looked years older, didn’t help matters) is decent at a press event on the road should get a stern talking to by the political folks. At the least.

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