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With Hispanic Support, More Bad News for Democrats

When it comes to Hispanic voters — now the country’s second-largest voting bloc by ethnicity — things just keep getting worse for Democrats. The latest sign that the bottom is falling out is a new PBS/Marist poll, released Monday, which shows that Joe Biden’s approval rating is now lower with Hispanics than it is with whites. And it’s not even close: According to the new poll, just 33 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden, while 65 percent disapprove. In contrast, 40 percent of whites approve, while 56 percent disapprove. That’s a net decrease of 16 percentage points in Biden’s approval rating among whites — and 32 percentage points among Hispanics.

It’s just one poll, of course, but the Democratic Party’s cratering support with Hispanics is now unambiguous — poll after poll shows a rapid rightward swing in the demographic, and Glenn Youngkin’s outright victory with Hispanics in the Virginia gubernatorial election demonstrated that this is no longer an abstract discussion. As I wrote this morning, “as the Democrats continue to move leftward on culture, Hispanics — a heavily Christian, family-oriented demographic — will increasingly make sense as a Republican constituency.” Now, all Republicans have to do is not mess it up. 


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