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Wmd Frame

This morning the Iraqi minister of information said he expected the “cowards” of the “Coalition” would use WMD. He said: “The Iraqi soldier is prepared and supplied with the latest including a gas mask,” he said. “[The U.S. knows] that soldiers in war should be prepared for any situation that might arise … and the masks are part of this.”

Jonah’s military guy says (echoing Babbin thoughts from earlier this week):

I fully expect (and hope I’m wrong) that if chemical weapons get used, they’re going to be first used on civilians, and blamed on us. The Disinformation Minister is setting the stage. If they can engineer something that they can call a defeat of coalition forces (or a true defeat, possible, if unlikely) that would be a good window for them to do the dirty deed and claim we did it. A cut-off contingent, like the guys that were on the wrong side of the river when the bridge was blown would offer a perfect scenario to claim we used chem to cover the rescue of the cut-off element. Sigh.

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