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Reports that North Korea has been trying to miniaturize nuclear devices so as to mount them on its missiles are deeply disturbing. And as best we can tell, the North Koreans are already reprocessing the spent fuel rods from the Yongbyon nuclear reactor, although perhaps at a relatively slow rate. Our intelligence is unable to tell us with exactitude what is happening. Best estimates are that the North Koreans could have missile-ready nukes in as little as one year, although it could take longer. Far from denying their nuclear intentions, the North Koreans have threatened to wipe out our cities with their missiles. Are there any Democrats out there who think we have nothing to worry about? Instead of predicting that the Bush administration will lack credibility on the WMD issue in the future, why don’t Democrats straightforwardly say whether they believe that the North Korean nuclear program is a threat? The truth is, the North Korean situation is a profound threat. The possibility of nuclear terror wiping out an American city with a weapon purchased from the North Koreans is all too real. For all our efforts, we could still lose the war on terror. What is to be done? To a significant degree, we are trapped. I continue to believe that war with North Korea, whether before or after a nuclear blast here in the United States, is a looming possibility. There is very little we can do, short of a disastrous war, to solve the North Korean problem. And that is the real story. Thank goodness we acted to prevent Iraq from turning into another font of nuclear blackmail. We may someday need to do the same in Iran. And yet, a North Korean nuke in the hands of a terrorist might still destroy Washington, decapitate our government, and change our nation forever. That is the world we are now living in. Does the public still understand this?


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