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Wolfie, Lolita, Strauss, Women….

From a reader:

Your “corner” discussion prompted a thought. Paul Wolfowitz was a big

admirer of Bloom who, as you know, kissed the hand of Strauss. Azar Nafisi

(Author of “Reading Lolita in Terhan”) acknowledges “Paul” in her book for

introducing her to a work [actually by Strauss].

I wonder how all of the women’s rights groups and quasi intellects reacted

when they discovered it was Paul Wolfowitz, the evil incarnate, she was

thanking. This truly underscores the irony of what is just.

Tom [Name withheld]


PS-How can certain crusaders for women’s rights be so up in arms with regard

to equal admission to Augusta Country Club and not expand that determination

globally in areas where women are treated as sub human?


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