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Jonah, I noticed that David Ignatius piece on Wolfowtiz yesterday too. It wasn’t just generally favorable, but expressed a conservative–in the deepest sense–critique of Wolfowitz:

“America’s problems in Iraq stem in large part from wishful thinking, and Wolfowitz and his colleagues must be careful to avoid any more of it now as they try to craft a sustainable strategy. What worries me most after touring Iraq with Wolfowitz is how little the U.S. forces know about their adversaries here. Pressed at a briefing about who is controlling the resistance, a general answered, `We don’t have the intelligence to lay this out on a chart.’ That was chilling.

Now that the going is difficult in Iraq, the Bush administration needs to think more with its head and less with its heart. The idealists can win this war, but only if they act with brutally honest pragmatism.”


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