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Woman Who Stood Behind Obama as He Touted ACA Now Says Law ‘Not So Great’

Jean Beigel, 55, was chosen to be among the dozen or so people who stood behind President Obama on Tuesday as he praised his health-care law, but even she is expressing misgivings about it after attempting to sign up for health insurance, according to the Washington Post.

The insurance exchanges went live on Tuesday, but customers have experienced numerous technical glitches and delays when attempting to enroll. 

Beigel earns $8,000 a year running a cleaning business and would likely qualify for completely subsidized healthcare under the Medicaid expansion. But she has given up on signing up for coverage at the moment.

“It’s a little bit confusing,” Biegel said after two unsuccessful attempts to sign up for insurance, once on Tuesday and once on Wednesday. “It’s not so great.”


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