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The Woman’s a Lib

Peter Beinart’s monthly column for the WashPost is just wrong in its central thesis — that Hillary hasn’t moved to the center, but that she’s been there since at least 1992. No conservative should see Hillary Clinton as anywhere near the center. She’s as near the center as New York is to Little Rock — and if she was really a plausibly centrist national candidate, she would have run from the Senate from there instead of trying the Bobby Kennedy Celebrity Shortcut.

Only liberals put someone in the center for saying abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” That’s empty rhetoric, not political action. What on earth did the Clinton admininstration do against the abortion lobby? That empty rhetoric is also endemic to her religion talk, where liberals think you look religious if you can gab credibly about Tillich and Bonhoeffer, even if you’ve emptied all those troublesome Scriptures out of your purse.Only liberals put someone in the center because they propose a more corporate-friendly nationalized health scenario instead of modeling on the Canadian single-payer health plan. Only liberals put someone in the center for backing military action with no actual national interest in the equation (Bosnia). Hillary is not unfairly maligned because she is a feminist, and hence “dovish, relativistic, and secular.” She’s maligned because she’s dovish, relativistic, and secular.

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