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Because The Hill this morning seems to think conservatives are universally or near universally certain the next Court pick will be a woman and either resigned to that conventional wisdom or actually actively encouraging–when Sam Brownback and Arlen Specter both are, it feel like everyone–I’d like to say: Not everyone on the Right thinks it should be a woman or has to be a woman. I’m not naive to political considerations, how things look, but I do think that as a matter of principle it should be the best guy for the job, even if it happens to be a guy. I would not be shocked if the president picks a man for the job. And there will be outrage as there was with Roberts if he does. And it will be silly. American women do not need presidential affirmation with a quota on the Supreme Court. The requirement should be the most qualified. The situation shouldn’t be: Well the president really wants say, Luttig, but the president simply can’t pick Luttig because the talkers say it’s woman time. That’s silly. And I don’t think that’s the way this president thinks.


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