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Women Made Their Voices Heard

Planned Parenthood, Lena Dunham, NARAL, and all the other so-called women’s-rights advocates are left stunned today that their message of abortion-on-demand and without apology and free birth control didn’t work. Of course it didn’t work: It was insulting and out-of-touch with what moms, businesswomen, and college students care about. What about the economy, jobs, health care? Our country is failing women in those areas and all Planned Parenthood wants to do is promote an actress who relates voting to a sexual experience. Grow up. It was a big mistake to trot out stories about how abortion should be less stigmatized and how a procedure that ends the life of another, defenseless human being is a social and moral good. The tide is turning and Americans, especially women, are listening to that gut reaction they have when faced with a heavy-handed message of abortion-on-demand. No amount of pretty pink running shoes or T-shirts designed by Hollywood actresses are going to cover up the fact that abortion harms women and takes the life of an innocent preborn child.



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