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Wonderful Howard Kurtz Piece On Dean Yesterday

Kurtz reports:

“In different conversations and in different ways, according to several people who worked with him, Dean said at the peak of his popularity late last year that he never expected to rise so high, that he didn’t like the intense scrutiny, that he had just wanted to make a difference. `I don’t care about being president,’ he said. Months earlier, as his candidacy was taking off, he told a colleague: `The problem is, I’m now afraid I might win.’”

More (proving that Dean’s candidacy was always sorta phony):

“The warfare continued over Dean’s message, the outsider-against-Washington-special-interests pitch that Trippi had developed in a PowerPoint presentation, tested in polls and, despite O’Connor’s concerns, used to sell the candidate to major labor unions.

Dean’s policy director, Jeremy Ben-Ami, declared in an e-mail: `The message of the campaign is simply no longer our campaign vs. the special interests. This is not what the governor wants to be saying — or frankly what he ever really wanted to be saying.’

Joe Drymala, the chief speechwriter who received the e-mail, resigned in protest. `I refused to believe it because I didn’t want to,’ he said. `To believe that was to believe that Howard Dean was a fraud.’”


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