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A Word About Comments

My dad (of blessed memory), used to say “Everyone’s entitled to his erroneous opinion.” I understand, from the comments about my column today, that many readers think I’m wrong. Ok. Goes with the territory. What disturbs me a bit is the hair-trigger impulse to anathematize me as a “RINO,” and to question my integrity and my motives. This search for heretics was much in evidence last year as well. Among those who were so labeled: Ann Coulter, Peter Wehner, Brit Hume, and Charles Krauthammer. Anyone who demurs from the Samson strategy in dealing with Obama is automatically suspect. The idea that I’m a charter member of the Republican “establishment” is risible, to say no more. 

Rush Limbaugh apparently made a joke about my piece on his show, which is fine. He’s a good debater and understands that disagreement is not disrespect. I’ve always appreciated Rush’s work, and he knows that. Grown ups — even those who agree 98 percent of the time – can have differences. The tendency to brand anyone a heretic who questions the wisdom of a government shutdown is not edifying, it’s not healthy, and it’s not honorable.


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