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A Word about Stephen Miller

As Matt Continetti wrote in a column back in December, Stephen Miller should be properly be considered a wunderkind like Ezra Klein or Ben Rhodes. But he won’t be lionized like those two because he’s on the wrong side, and in fact he will soon have entered the territory — if he’s not there already — where it’s OK to say or write anything about him. This Daily Beast piece on Miller, for instance, prominently features Richard Spencer claiming that he was a mentor to him while both were at Duke (Miller strongly denies it and Spencer is notably weasely in his wording). Miller has taken his lumps over last week’s refugee order and Yuval made very sound points about the rollout the other day — clearly, the process in the White House should be broadened out and tightened up. But, that said, anyone who has worked with Stephen over the years — and that’s a category that includes basically anyone who is a restrictionist — has been impressed by his knowledge, energy, and doggedness. He did more than anyone perhaps except Jeff Sessions himself to bring down the Gang of Eight bill. It’s easy to see how he climbed so high in the Trump world, and in the area of immigration policy, few are as committed or as fluent on the details.