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A Word of Advice

Who on earth is advising Mitt Romney? Somebody should have stopped this:

“Romney blasts Gingrich over attack on debate moderators, news media”


Note to Mitt advisers: Republicans hate the news media. Got it? And that goes double for debate moderators who try to entrap conservative candidates with trick questions. Indeed, it was partly Newt’s attack on these scoundrels that catapulted him into first place in South Carolina. There’s absolutely no reason for Romney to say this.  

Siding with a group that epitomizes the values of the Democratic party and is justly loathed by conservatives just isn’t going to do Mitt any good in the primaries (and Mitt may find himself tempted to attack the press himself if he gets the nomination and has to run against their darling O!). Standing up for the press reinforces concerns that Mitt is not “one of us.” So how ’bout a few unkind words for John King, Mitt? 


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