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The Word of the Day Is ‘Politiqueras’

Some more of that electoral corruption that never happens, this time in Texas:

Two of the three Donna women under federal indictment for bribing voters in the 2012 election worked on Ricardo Rodriguez’s campaign for Hidalgo County District Attorney, campaign finance reports show.

Guadalupe “Lupita” Escamilla received $200 on Nov. 2 and $250 on Nov. 21 for “contract labor and services,” according to the semi-annual report Rodriguez filed Jan. 15. Rebecca Gonzalez received $100 on Oct. 2 for the same services.

. . .  FBI agents arrested the women in December at the conclusion of an investigation into vote-buying in the Donna school board election the previous year. The women — and a third accomplice, Diana Castañeda — told an FBI agent they’d paid voters between $3 and $10 to cast their ballots for their candidates, according to court records.

Some witnesses told investigators the women also gave them food, cigarettes and drugs in return for their votes. The women all told FBI agents they received cash directly from campaign managers for the purpose of bribing voters.

Anybody want to play “Guess That Party”?

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