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A Word (Well or a Few Hundred)

It’s near-impossible to get through to any office on the Hill. Good work. Keep at it. You’re getting the word out, and, may be bucking up senators who, as that Miller piece reminds us, are no fans of Specter themselves. Make sure people continue to send emails and faxes through the weekend.

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. I cannot remember the last time we encouraged people to make phonecalls and send emails and faxes. I personally don’t do it out of empathy for the guy who has to answer the phone.

But this is vital. Again, we won the election. The American people gave the conservative agenda, such that it is, a vote of confidence. And now, with a 55-seat majority in the Senate, we’re going to be held hostage to the Left’s agenda anyway? I don’t think so. As John mentions re: Dewing and in that archive piece, Republican senators cannot be looking forward to that. Bill Frist, no doubt presidential wannabe, can’t be looking forward to that. Rick Santorum, who has one heck of a reelection fight ahead of him in 2006, cannot be looking forward to that. So let every Republican member know an Arlen Specter chairmanship would be, frankly, detrimental to the country.

And, again, I refer you to our editorial today and John Miller’s “America’s worst senator” piece as reference.


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