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Word to The Wise

Rich: All congratulations on the forthcoming book. Just a word of

caution, though. You may be tempted to have a copy of your book imbedded in

a slab of lucite. I was, when Coolidge came out. Doing this with a

hardback makes for somewhat too big a slab, I learned, but an imbedded

paperback is great–an excellent paperweight, desk decoration, conversation

piece, door stopper, and home-defense missile. (There is a firm in New York

City that does the imbedding job beautifully: Doremus Advertising at 200

Varick St., 212-366-3852.) Here’s the warning though: Be careful whom you

tell about it. Some people will think that imbedding your book in lucite

is absurdly over the top, and will laugh at you for it. Heather Mac Donald,

for example. When I mentioned to her that I had done this with a book, she

hooted. “You did what? I can’t believe you!….” The upside, of

course, is that a slab of lucite lasts around 4,000,000 years, so your book

will be dug up when the archeological teams arrive from Alpha Centauri.

(They won’t be able to read it, of course, but I’m talking promotion


And, er, speaking of paperbacks: Production of the paperback edition of

Prime Obsession is now under way. It’ll be available next June, and I

shall definitely have a copy imbedded in lucite, whatever Heather thinks.

I shall report further progress on the paperback edition. (If there is any

space left on The Corner between Rich’s own book promotions….)

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